LED-Tube T5

The more modern version of fluorescent tubes are T5 tubes with a diameter of only 16 mm. These are also operated exclusively on electronic ballasts. Due to the low internal volume, LED Retrofit T5 tubes can currently not include a power supply that covers wide voltage and frequency ranges. That's why the METOLIGHT LED T5 tubes not only have different lengths but also different wattages that are matched to existing ECGs.

METOLIGHT T5 LED tubes as replacement for T5 fluorescent tubes

METOLIGHT T5 LED tubes with a diameter of only 16 mm fit into all luminaires for T5 fluorescent tubes. They are operated directly on the appropriate brand single-range ECG, a luminaire conversion is not necessary. However, it is important to make sure that the built-in ballast also fits the tubes. For this you must compare the specifications of the ballast with those of our LED-T5 tubes. If in doubt, please contact us for technical advice.

Please make sure that the lamp is switched off before changing the tube.
Notes: The brightness of the LED tubes depends strongly on the performance of the ECG. Outdated ECGs and no-name ECGs can lead to significant deviations from the target performance. Please make sure that the output voltage and current of the ECG match the connection data of our LED tubes. The total power consumption of the luminaires is determined by the electronic ballast. We generally do not recommend the use of our T5 tubes with no-name ECGs and multigrade ECGs (from watts to watts).

Our T5T6 series LED tubes have an integral power supply and can be powered directly to 230VAC. We particularly recommend these tubes if the existing ECGs in the luminaires have long operating times and need to be replaced soon.
LED-Tube 115-6NWM-20-175, T5, 1148 mm, 20 Watt, nature white, 175 lm/W

METOLIGHT LED-Tube 115-6NWM-20-175, T5, 1448 mm, 20 Watt, nature white, matted, 175 lm/W

LED-U-110-255 LED-P-020 LE-Winkel-140-5 LE-Sockel-G5-5 LED-lm3300 LED-CCT-4000 LED-Klasse-App
33,60 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Metalc Clip T5

Metal Clip T5 for additional fixing of T5 tubes.

0,25 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
METOLIGHT LED Tube T5,  212 mm,  4 Watt, frosted, nature white

METOLIGHT LED Tube T5 - 4 Watt - 212 mm, nature white

LED-U-CC LED-P-004 LED-conform-evg LE-dimm-n-5 LED-CCT-4000 LED-lm0300 LE-Klasse-Ap-5
16,50 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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