LED Grow Lights


METOLIGHT LED Grow Lights are available in many variations

In particular, plant lights are optimized in the composition of the individual LED colors for the corresponding plant species, so that the optimal photosynthesis takes place in the leaves, which results in rapid and vigorous plant growth. The light for e.g. tomatoes, herbs, mushrooms, flowers and grasses differ considerably in their composition - if you rely on specialized growlights to achieve significantly faster growth.

In contrast to conventional high-pressure lamps, you save at least 50% of energy with our LED plant lights, you have significantly lower temperatures and therefore have to cool less. In addition, LED grow lights have a much longer shelf life than HPS lamps.
We point out that grow lights for hemp or cannabis plants may only be used for approved medical hemp cultivation. Customers who buy our palatinate lights for hemp cultivation are responsible to the supervisory authorities themselves.
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