LED-Tube, dimmable

LED-Tube dimmable
We are often asked about dimmable LED tubes - yes, they do, but unfortunately not simply as retroft. Dimmable LED tubes that can be operated directly on a CCG or ECG are very expensive and unreliable according to current technology. This is somewhat easier with tubes that have an external power supply unit that can be controlled via DALI or 0-10Volt / 1-10 Volt - but this requires the mandatory conversion of the luminaires. A good alternative to continuously dimmable LED tubes are our switch-dimmable LED tubes.

Dimmable LED Tube S-DIM

METOLIGHT LED tubes in step-dimmable version can be connected directly to 230 VAC (one side safety contact) but can also be used directly in luminaires with CCG/VVG and starter. They are not suitable for luminaires with electronic ballast (EB). Such luminaires must be converted by a qualified electrician and then marked and tested accordingly. For this purpose, we offer the adapter terminal article 101606 for quick and professional conversion. The LED tubes of the S-Dim series are simply dimmed using the existing light switch: When switched on, the tubes light up to 100%, when switched off and on again immediately, to 40%, and when switched on and off again, to 10%.
LED-Tube-120-DWM, 120 cm, 22 Watt, matted,  cold white, 2400 lm, dimmabl

LED-Tube-120-DWM, 120 cm, 22 Watt, matted, cold white, 2400 lm, dimmable

LE-U-180-240-5 LED-P-022 LE-Winkel-120-5 LED-dimm-switch LED-CCT-6000 LED-lm2400 LE-Klasse-Ap-5
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