DCR-Handroller KSHR

Metoclean DCR-Handroller KSHR

DCR hand roller KSHR, all-plastic holder, very robust, heavy duty

The DCR hand rollers of the KSHR series are particularly good and well-balanced in the hand. A stable frame made of largely unbreakable plastic makes the hand roller particularly robust. For these hand rollers we also supply suitable replacement rollers with low, medium and high adhesive strength. As standard, we deliver the hand rollers with Shore A25 and high adhesive strength (approx. 200 - 250 hpa). The hand rollers are suitable for contact surface cleaning of flat, hard materials such as glass plates, metal plates, pressure plates, printed circuit boards, ceramic plates and particularly sensitive materials. For cleaning foils and plastics, we recommend the hand rollers of the ESD series.

Notes: Only use this hand roller with METOCLEAN adhesive pads - never any adhesive foils or papers, as these can destroy the surface of the rollers, thereby destroying the self-adhesive strength.
Under no circumstances should the rollers be cleaned with solvent-based products. In the case of stubborn buildup, we recommend cleaning with our DTS-IPAW cleaning cloths.

METOCLEAN DCR-Roller KSHR-08-25, 205 mm wide, 25 shore, heavy duty
171,00 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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