Tronex Pliers

Tronex ESD cutters and pliers
A reasonable quality of hand tools is indispensable for professionals and committed hobby electricians. And as its often the case: who buys cheap, buys 2 times. Tronex tools are really not "cheap" but when handled carefully they last almost an electronics technician's life and are therefore extremely inexpensive. The hardened steel, the mechanical connection, replaceable handle cushions - all this leads to unrivalled tool quality.

Tronex hand tools, ESD-compliant - from German distributor

Asmetec is the official distributor for Tronex hand tools. We deliver all common pliers and cutters from stock, and those that are not on stock we usually have in stock again within 1-2 weeks. Tronex tools are highly professional hand tools for use in electronics production and repair, in the manufacture of jewellery, optics, dentistry, medical areas, and of course also for the discerning hobby craftsman. All hand tools are equipped with an ESD-compliant handle pad.
The coding of the pliers allows direct comparison of the types: 1st digit 5: 5" length, standard handle length 1st digit 7: 7" length, ergonomic handle length