LED-Yellow Room Tubes

yellow room led tubes
Yellow Room LED tubes do not emit light below 400 / 470 / 520 or 620 nm depending on the version of the UV filter. Such UV-free illumination is required in the technical industry, where UV-polymerizing products are processed.

Yellow light LED tube METOLIGHT UVL for yellow rooms

METOLIGHT UVL yellow light LED tubes serve as a technical alternative to yellow light fluorescent tubes. Such LED tubes are used in the technical industry, especially in so-called yellow spaces, e.g. in the printing industry, printed circuit board or chipboard industry, in the production of paints, lacquers, resins - wherever UV-free illumination is required. Asmetec manufactures these LED tubes to order in Kirchheimbolanden - German quality production, adapted to individual customer requirements. ASMETEC holds patent rights for these LED tubes (20 2010 010 5366.6)!
METOLIGHT UVL LED tubes are based on our SCE-tested LED tubes. They offer the usual single-sided safety contact, double internal isolation, protection circuit and an outstanding LED efficiency of over 140 lm/W. They are designed for tough industrial use. Under yellow light, a full colour spectrum is not possible for our eyes.
For use in museums, libraries, archives etc., where full but UV-free colour spectrum is required, we offer UVL - LED tubes with UV filter SFC. The UVL LED tubes are supplied with special LED starters and can be used directly in luminaires with CCG or LVG without luminaire conversion. Only the LED starter supplied with each tube needs to be replaced. In luminaires with electronic ballasts, however, this must be removed by a qualified electrician. For this purpose we offer the adapter terminal article 101606, with which the luminaire conversion can be carried out quickly and professionally.
Hints: Normal LED tubes with yellow LEDs cannot meet the high requirements. With such tubes, the products will be exposed. Only with the special METOLIGHT UV filters built into the UVL tubes can you rely on safe UV-free LED light. The UV filters degenerate over time, but can be replaced inexpensively at Asmetec. We recommend regular testing of the UV density with a suitable measuring instrument (e.g. spectrometer).
Before replacing the tube, the lamp must be disconnected from the power supply, as otherwise the ballast may discharge in a flash when the tube is inserted and damage the LED tube.

METOLIGHT fused LED Tube-Starter for led tubes Type VDE, SCE and ECO

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