Metolight LED candle bulbs
LED candle lamps with E14 base (often also called LED candle bulbs) are among the most used light sources in the private sector and in commercial/industrial use.

METOLIGHT LED Candle E14 - low-cost LED light sources in robust industrial quality - the brand on which wholesalers and installers rely.

Here you will find a large selection of professional LED lamps in candle shape with E14 base for connection to the 230 volt power supply. Some types are dimmable on all commercially available dimmers for electronic transformers. All METOLIGHT LED lamps comply with the new energy class A+, some even A++ We will also be happy to send you the measurement data BEFORE placing an order. Simply tell us the desired light sources. by mail to info@asmetec.de
LED-Filament, E14, Kerze, 2 Watt

LED-Filament candle E14, 2 Watt

LE-U-220-240-5 LE-P-002-5 LE-Ra85-5 LE-Sockel-E14-5 LE-Winkel-360-5 LE-lm0250-5 LE-Klasse-E-2019


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METOLIGHT LED Bulb, 4 Watt, E14, candle, clear

METOLIGHT LED-candle, 4 Watt, clear shell, with new cooler design

LE-U-180-240-5 LE-P-004-5 LE-Sockel-E14-5 LE-Winkel-360-5 LE-dimm-n-5 LE-lm0250-5 LE-Klasse-G-2019
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