Magic - LED-Module

LED-Downlight Magic Module

METOLIGHT Magic LED modules (downlights)

The LED modules of the Downlight Magic series are available in wattages of 5 to 40 watts in light colours warm white, neutral white and cool white. They are equipped with high-efficient Samsung SMD-Leds with 140 lm/W. To increase the durability, however, the LEDs are operated with lower current, so that a luminaire efficiency of about 100-120 lm/W is achieved.
All LED modules are supplied with a suitable PWM-dimmable constant current power supply. This allows you to adjust the brightness of the LED downlights using standard dimmers for electronic transformers. Dimmers for ohmic loads function only to a very limited extent.
With the usual PWM dimmers for electronic transformers, however, depending on the model, there will always be spots where the downlights flicker slightly. In this case, just turn it a little further.
For uniform dimming, we also offer LED drivers for 0-10 Volt or DALI control at an extra charge.
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