Adhesive rolls, foilbased

Foil-based adhesive rolls have the enormous advantage that the backing film is thinner than paper. This means that 25% more material can be wound up for the same roll outer diameter - an enormous saving because you get 25% more material for the same price. Of course there are also disadvantages: The foil-based rollers more easily generate an electrostatic charge which must be dissipated.

METOCLEAN Adhesive rolls for panel cleaners - film-based

We supply various standard widths on roll lengths of 25 m, individually moisture-protected packed, core roll of ground PP, means our adhesive rolls can be used up to the last layer. Many other adhesive rolls are wound on cardboard cores, in which the winding structure of the core is formed within the last 5 layers of  the adhesive material, these layers are therefore unusable).
Metoclean Adhesive rolls, foilbased
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