Metoclean ESD-Trousers

METOCLEAN ESD-trousers are available in many colours, in military- and dockers design, long- and short sleeves.
All the garments in this group are manufactured with professional fabric SF40 made of 62% polyester, 34% cotton and 4% conductive fibers (Resitat fibers) in 4 mm grid. This fabric is save for min. 100 washings without loosing its ESD properties.
All ESD-Garments can be customized, e.g additional pockets, different style of collar, customized embroidered logo and many more.
Please ask for your special edition and special company price

ESD-Overall OX-40, navy blue, size L

ESD overall OX-40, unisex design, navy blue, size L

Our standard price 116,00 EUR
Your price 92,80 EUR
You save 20%
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
ESD-trousers, Unisex military design, PXC-40 - convertible

ESD trousers PXC40, unisex, military design, convertible to short sleeves

Our standard price 65,00 EUR
Your price 52,00 EUR
You save 20%
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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