LED-Spots MR11

LED-Spot MR11
LED-Spots MR 11, 12 Volt AC/DC are used as cabinet light in shops, juwelleries, light boxes etc-.
They replace MR11 / GU4 halogen bulbs
LED Spot 1 Watt, 12 Volt, MR11/GU4

METOLIGHT LED-spot MR11 - the Reftrofit for cabinet halogen bulbs
1 Watt LED similar to 10 Watt halogen bulb

LE-U-012d-5 LE-P-001-5 LE-Sockel-MR11-5 LE-Winkel-045-5 LE-dimm-n-5 LE-lm0080g-5 LE-Klasse-Ap-5
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