Collets for Westwind

Collets for Westwind drilling spindles
Collet AC81160D - Westwind drilling 37462
Collet assy AC81160D for Westwind drilling spindles D1331-XX, D1531-08
OEM part no 37462

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Collet AC82040D - Westwind drilling 40374
Collet assy AC82040D for Westwind drilling spindles D1473-08, D1686-10/11/12/15/19
EEM part no 40374, 235514-01C

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Collet AC82060D - Westwind drilling 151480, non-adjust installation
Collet assy AC82060D for Westwind drilling spindles H516, D1722-XX
EEM part no 151480

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Collet AC82100R - Westwind routing 08085A1
Collet cartridge assy AC82100R for Westwind M320-24
OEM part no 08085A1
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Collet Metodrill WW-18190 for Westwind routing spindle M320
Metodrill Collet assy WW-18190 Nylock, for Westwind M320-33 / 38B
OEM part no 18190 
Collet-WW-M320-xx Collet-WW-M320-33 OEM-18190
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