LED-Tube 80°

METOLIGHT LEDTube 80 degree for mounting height above 4 m

LED tube with narrow light angle for use at high mounting heights

LED tubes with a narrow light angle of 80° are ideal for use in linear luminaires and for mounting heights above 4 m. Thanks to the bundled light beam they achieve approx. double the brightness on the floor compared to standard LED tubes with 120° light angle. A special lens bundles the light beam so that as little stray light as possible is produced and the full light output is directed to where it is actually needed. The LED tube 80° (often wrongly also called "LED fluorescent tube") can be used in all linear luminaires with CCG or ballast without luminaire conversion. Only the supplied LED starter has to be replaced. However, luminaires with electronic ballasts must be converted by a qualified electrician. For this purpose we offer the adapter clamp article 101606, which simplifies the conversion considerably.
Of course, all our LED tubes are compliant with latest regulations.
Adapter for Electronic Ballast

Adapter for electronic ballast

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LED-Tube 150 cm, T8, 29W, 3600lm, 80 degree, class E

METOLIGHT LED-Tube, 150 cm, 29W, 80 degree

LE-U-180-240-5 LE-P-029-5 LE-PF90-5 LE-Sockel-G13-5 LE-Winkel-080-5 LE-lm3600-5 LE-Klasse-E-2019

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