LED PL tube
LED PL compact tubes with 2G10, 2G11, 2G7, 2G10, G23, G24, TC-F etc. sockets replace compact fluorescent tubes and offer the usual advantages of modern LED lighting technology, such as long service life, significantly lower energy consumption, lower maintenance costs, flicker-free light, extremely low heat generation.

METOLIGHT LED PL compact tubes with base series G and T.

Fluorescent lamps with the special bases 2G7, 2G10, 2G11, G23, G24, TCF etc. were used for a long time as energy-saving lamps, especially in wall and ceiling lights that remained on for a long time every day (e.g. in corridors, staircases, shops). Replacing these light sources with modern LED technology is not quite as easy, as today's LEDs still require quite a lot of cooling surface and a special switching power supply.
As a retrofit for compact fluorescent tubes, METOLIGHT PL tubes are ideally suited not only to save considerably on energy, but also to significantly extend maintenance intervals. LED compact tubes are available from Asmetec METOLIGHT with integrated power supply for CCG and ECG and - even more efficiently - with external power supply.
Every single light source is tested in Asmetec's in-house lighting technology not only for general function, but also for light colour and electrical safety. Thanks to this 100% inspection, we know that every light source works - safety for you as a customer and for us as a manufacturer.