LED-Tube Veg

LED-Tube Vegetables and fruit
The UV light from fluorescent tubes (up to about 8% of the light) makes the colors of fruit and vegetables goods look pale and not very attractive. In addition, UV light can change the taste of the goods and damage the surface.

LED tubes for vegetables and fruit, series METOLIGHT VEG

make vegetables and fruit look as fresh as they would look in the daylight of a cloudy sky.

Our special LED tubes have a very high color rendering with CRI Ra>95 and let all illuminated vegetavles and fruit appear in their natural colors. The special light of 4300K supports the the visible band width from blue to red color of of fruit and vegetables. The construction of the LED tubes is VDE compliant, SCE-one-sided safety connection, integrated protection circuit, double insulated power supply and wiring - simply METOLIGHT quality.

Before changing the tube, it is essential to power off the lamp, otherwise the ballast may discharge at high voltage, may cause electrical shock and damage the LED tube.

METOLIGHT fused LED Tube-Starter for led tubes Type VDE, SCE and ECO

1,95 EUR
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