G4 LED insert
LED-G4 inserts replace common 12 Volt halogen lamps.
Unlike the halogen lamps our METOLIGHT LED-G4-inserts offer a unique illumination without extended heat generation. 90% of the energy is transmitted to visible light, without the generation of UV- or IR-Light.

The average life span of our G4-inserts is at about 40.000 hours. They do not operate with dimmers and are only mant for indoor use.

The G4-inserts can simply be inserted instead of halogen lamps. In case of electronic transformer it might be neccessary to leave 1 or 2 halogen bulbs parallel to the LED-spots, because such electronic transformers need a minimum load.
LED-insert G4, 12 Volt, 0,3 Watt, warm white

METOLIGHT LED-insert G4-12 Volt, 0,3 Watt,  warm white pins back side

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