LED-Tube Meat Counter

LED-Tube Meat
The UV light from fluorescent tubes (at least up to about 8% of the light) can quickly oxidize the surface of meat and can damage the cell structures. After just a few hours, meat in refrigerated counters with fluorescent tubes can look very unappetizing.

LED tubes for meat counters, series METOLIGHT MEAT

make the displays look as fresh as they would look in the daylight of a cloudy sky. Not only the better appearance, but the fact that fluorescent tubes (even those with pink filters) with their high UV content in the light should quickly spoil and discolour the meat should facilitate the decision to modern, specialized LED lighting in refrigerated counters. As the meats react very differently we also have special LED tubes for dark meat, red / white meat and poultry.
The construction of the LED tubes is compliant with latest standards, SCE one-sided safety bonding, integrated protection circuit, dual insulated power supply and wiring - simply METOLIGHT quality. Before replacing the tube, it is essential to switch the lamp off, otherwise the ballast may explode when the tube is inserted and damage the LED tube.

METOLIGHT fused LED Tube-Starter for led tubes Type SCE and ECO

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