LED tubes, T8, 90 cm

LED Tubes T8, 90 cm, replacement for 90 cm fluorescent tubes - 30 Watt

Our LED tubes with standard diameter T8 fit as energy-saving replacement in all luminaires with sockets G13 or G8. The overall length of 90 cm is standardized for T8 / T10 fluorescent tubes with a nominal power of 30 watts.
The LED technology is significantly more energy efficient and longer lasting. Our LED tubes of the METOLIGHT brand are basically manufactured in robust industrial quality.
With efficiencies up to 180 lm / W, our LED tubes are among the most economical and brightest LED lamps on the market. The higher the efficiency, the less power a light bulb needs to achieve the same brightness.
By comparison, DIY-standard LED tubes have efficiencies of 100 to max. 130 lm / W, fluorescent tubes are only 70 - 80 lm / W and have a relatively short shelf life. The light output drops significantly after approx. 500 operating hours.
With modern industrial grade LEDs, one can expect life times of well over 25,000 hours. However, it is not just about the efficiency, but also the light quality, because only with good color rendering of the LED bulbs you can see the radiated products in their true colors.
Again, Asmetec offers LED tubes with color rendering CRI to Ra96 - light quality, as shown for example in US Pat. is needed in studios, museums, galleries.
LED tube t8 90 cm
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