LED-Linear-Trunking Lights

METOLIGHT LED Linear trunking lights
LED linear trunking luminaires in various versions and wattages. In sales halls, supermarkets and warehopuses and similar halls such linear lights serve as a continuous light line, whereby the luminaire modules are lined up virtually endlessly and seamlessly in a trunking rail. METOLIGHT LED linear luminaires are available in various designs and outputs. In addition to the standard trunking lights, we also offer dimmable versions (Dalli, 1-10V, switchdim) as well as additional options such as sensor technology, daylight control and much more.
We also offer LED retrofit inserts for many well-known brand light lines with fluorescent tubes. This means that the trunking rails can get stuck, only the LED luminaire module is inserted, resulting in significant cost savings for the luminaires themselves and manpower cost.

METOLIGHT LED linear luminaires are currently available with efficiencies of up to more than 160 lm/W

As the installation of such LED linear lights is usually a major project, we do not show any individual prices here. We would be happy to make you a project offer - and you can rest assured: Asmetec METOLIGHT does not have to hide behind the big and well-known brands in quality, performance, service or price.
In addition to these light lines, we also offer other linear luminaires, e.g. high-performance LED high-bay luminaires, T5 linear luminaires and waterproof linear luminaires.
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