METOLIGHT LED UV lights are equipped with dedicated UV LEDs (not purple colored LEDs from the visible light range). The special LEDs have a UV efficiency of approx. 80%, while conventional UV fluorescent tubes only emit around 10% UV light.

Disinfection and Sterilisation by UVC light

UVC light (200-280 nm) is known for destroying the molecular structure of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, germs, spores and thus preventing their cell growth. UVC rays are therefore used to disinfect surfaces, air and liquids. UVC light can also be used to fight mold in walls. The newly developed special UVC LEDs have a significantly higher active power than previous UV lamps, are ready for immediate use, do not generate ozone and do not contain any toxic mercury, as is the case with fluorescent tubes or high-pressure lamps.

Improved plant breeding through UVB light

UVB light (280 - 320 nm) promotes vitamin formation in fruits, vegetables or cultivated mushrooms. In today's modern plant breeding - often without daylight in vaults, cellars or other dark rooms - plants are stimulated to grow quickly with special LED plant lights. However, there is no UV light spectrum in daylight. Therefore, such plants form little or no vitamins compared to conventional cultivation. Short-term daily radiation with our UVB lights can significantly increase vitamin formation.
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