LED Illumination

LED Illumination

Asmetec METOLIGHT LED Light Technology

LEDs are the light of the future. Instead of incandescent lamps with an efficiency of just 10-15 lm/W, modern LED lamps and LED luminaires with efficiencies of up to 190 lm/W create an unprecedented variety of light colours and lighting options. LEDs save a great deal of energy compared to conventional lighting technology - that is often claimed and individually seen that is true. But globally, that's not true. Because the many possibilities of LED lighting technology today illuminate things that were unthinkable in the past - just walk through the city with your eyes open in the evening or at night - everything brightly and colourfully illuminated - beautiful for the eye, harmful to the environment and the energy balance. But in order to save a considerable amount of energy and maintenance costs, there are the

METOLIGHT LED Light Technology - Professional quality at a fair price

ASMETEC is one of the few LED specialists in Europe with its own professional light measurement technology with colour goniophotometer, 3 integrating spheres, EMC measurement technology, switching cycle test, insulation test, in-house workshop, large showroom and much more. Asmetec develops certain LED luminaires itself, some are manufactured in Kirchheimbolanden. Each LED light source is individually tested in house for function, light colour, electrical safety - 100% control - reliable quality for you and us. Repairs are also carried out quickly and inexpensively after the warranty period in Kirchheimbolanden. Consumers can pick up products at our factory outlet in Kirchheimbolanden.

Asmetec supplies wholesalers, commercial customers, electricians, authorities, institutes, schools and universities, not only in Germany but throughout the world. All our LED lamps are manufactured for professional industrial use, robust and durable due to high-quality components, careful production technology, extensive quality controls and certifications by renowned institutes.
METOLIGHT LEDs therefore clearly differ from cheap LEDs in online trade for end consumers, even if such LEDs may look largely the same from the outside - as so often the inner values count! METOLIGHT is a registered trademark of Asmetec GmbH and of course Asmetec is registered under the ElektroG under the number WEEE DE74399040.