METOLIGHT LED balloon lights - the easy way to quickly install bright and low-glare light, e. g. for road construction work, emergency rescue services, police, fire brigade, THW and many other applications.

The LED balloon lights are installed in no time and can be operated at any emergency power generator or directly at 230 VAC.

Compared to conventional HQI balloon lights, METOLIGHT LED balloon lights are significantly more efficient, save up to 70% of energy and are particularly insensitive to vibrations.

Such "light generators" are also known as light moon, moonlight, light power ball, building site lighting and others.


METOLIGHT LED-Lamp SLG36, 100 Watt - 360°, 12000 lm, pure white

METOLIGHT LED High-power work light SLG36, 100 Watt, pure white, with protection basket and 3 m cable

LE-U-100-255-5 LED-P-100 LE-Kabel-03-5 LE-Winkel-360-5 LED-CCT-5000 LED-lm12000 LE-Klasse-App-5
153,50 EUR
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