DCR-Handroller ESD

Metoclean DCR-Roller ESD

DCR roller ESD, dissipative, antistatic

These hand rollers are used to clean flat surfaces (e.g. films, foils, plastics) that are easily statically charged. With the ESD hand rollers, static charge is avoided and the charge is transferred to the person via the conductive or dissipative cleaning roller and the metal handle. In any case, the person himself should be earthed by means of a suitable personal earth (e.g. ESD wristband with earth spiral cable). We supply these hand rollers in different qualities from dissipative to conductive. Please note that, due to the system, these ESD hand rollers have a lower adhesive strength than our standard DCR hand rollers.

Notes: Only use this hand roller with METOCLEAN adhesive pads - never any adhesive foils or papers, as these can destroy the surface of the rollers, thereby destroying the self-adhesive strength.
Under no circumstances should the rollers be cleaned with solvent-based products. In the case of stubborn buildup, we recommend cleaning with our DTS-IPAW cleaning cloths.


METOCLEAN DCR-Roller HDHR-A12-ESD, 305 mm wide, 25-35 shore, dissipative

205,00 EUR
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