Berlin clock

Berlin clock (set theory clock, Binninger clock) as table model


This clock is a MUST-HAVE for everyone who loves something special, a topic of conversation with your guests at home or in the office, an optical eye-catcher, ultimately also a small piece of strength training for the brain.
The Berlin Clock is a replica of the light-sign clock designed by the Berlin engineer Binninger for the city of Berlin, which in the 1970s was the world's first clock to display time in the form of light symbols. In the 80s of the last century, several thousand Berlin clocks were sold from the former table model.
Asmetec has redesigned the electronics of this watch, instead of bulbs long-life LEDs are now installed, the ICs that are no longer available today have been replaced by a RISP processor. The housing is still made with the original injection moulds. This Berlin watch is sold exclusively by Asmetec.
The Berlin Clock (Set Theory Clock) - Universal

ASMETEC Berlin Clock-Uni
a new version of the legendary Berlin Clock of the 70s last century returns with latest technology built in.

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