LED Driver, Constant Current

LED-Driver, Constant Current

LED power supplies - LED driver - constant current

These power supplies are specially designed for the power supply of modern LED luminaires and LED lamps, which must be operated at constant current (usually 250 / 300 / 350 / 700 / 700 / 1050 / 1400 mA). In addition to the required current, you must also pay attention to the voltage range that your luminaires require. This depends on which LEDs have been used and how many of them are connected in series and parallel. - A very complex topic, on which we will be happy to advise you.
If the power supplies are incorrect, you will destroy the LEDs.
We supply constant current power supplies in different versions, also dimmable up to 300 watts. We recommend to load LED power supplies only up to max. 80% during continuous operation. When using many high-power power supplies, phase compensation must be ensured. Therefore, only have such power supplies installed by experienced electricians who also know how to connect LED lights (many electricians have unfortunately not yet trained themselves further...)
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