Fungicide LED tubes

METOLOIGHT LED tube,BFC - fungicide

The fungicidal effect of blue light has already been scientifically proven in 2010. Special blue light can significantly reduce the growth of moulds - unfortunately this does not affect all moulds.

Fungicidal LED Tubes BFC

METOLIGHT LED Tubes Seie BFC are used to protect food from premature mould growth in storage rooms. Mycotoxins can lead to serious diseases and can often only be detected by the consumer at a late stage. Please note a contribution by 3Sat-Nano METOLIGHT BFC LED tubes are manufactured in Germany by ASMETEC and emit the light that inhibits the growth of moulds. Under this light no more toxin is formed and the mould growth is strongly reduced, because light receptors in fungi recognize the special light and virtually switch off the mycotoxin genes.
Watch this video from German TV 3Sat-Nano

METOLIGHT BFC-LED-tubes are manufactured in Germany by ASMETEC. They emitt the special blue light to stop the growth of toxines in mould spores. Installed in warehouses, trucks, fridges etc these special METOLIGHT LEDs keep foods longer fresh without any chemicals. The growth of toxines is heavily reduced since light receptor cells in funguses then genetically switch off the mykotoxingenes.

Before replacing the tube, the lamp must be disconnected from the power supply, as otherwise the ballast may discharge in a flash when the tube is inserted and damage the LED tube. Note: Our LED tubes do not collide with patents DE 10 2012 221 471 B4 and EP 2 923 162 B1, as long as the tubes are not explicitly used for irradiation of the inflow side of finned heat exchangers!

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