LED Tri-Proof Luminaires

LED-luminaires IP65
LED tri-proof luminaires are also called damp-proof luminaires, IP65 luminaires, linear luminaires or batten lights. They are characterized by the fact that the housing is made of flame-retardant material (for example special PVC mixtures, GRP or aluminum) with a gasket and an attachable transparent or matted cover. Such luminaires can then be installed in the damp room (basement, garage, stairwells, corridors) or in the sheltered outdoor area (under canopies, carports, underpasses). Through the cover also a grip protection and burst protection is given, with which such lights can also be installed on workstations, in machines and other areas where the light is mounted at gripping height. Often one confuses the terms lamp and luminaire. A lamp is the actual bulbs (ie the replaceable LED bulb, incandescent bulb (light bulb), fluorescent tube (fluorescent lamp, neon tube), LED tube, etc.). A luminaire is the complete housing in which either the lamps are used (in existing sockets such as E14, E27, G5, G13, 2G11, etc.) or they have the LED circuit board or the LED chip installed as with very modern lights. However, in such luminaires only a specialist company such as Asmetec can replace the LEDs and repair the luminaire.

METOLIGHT LED Tri proof Luminairs - the wide choice for almost every application.

There are many different versions of such splash-proof batten lights: In addition to different lengths, output powers and light colors, Asmetec supplies such diffuser luminaires with exchangeable LED tubes or permanently installed LED modules as well as various protection classes (IP65, IP66, IP67) in a professional, long-lasting industrial quality. In addition, many of our damp-proof luminaires can also be retrofitted with motion sensors to automatically switch the luminaires or with dimmable power supplies (DALI or 0-10V / 1-10V) for example daylight-dependent control.
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