UV Filter

Metolight UV-Filter
UV-free room lighting is increasingly required in today's production technology. Many products have to be dried, cured and developed by means of UV light. To prevent premature reaction of these materials, the room lighting must be free of UV light. But what does that mean in concrete terms? UV light is basically invisible light in wave ranges below 400 nm. (Visible light is between approx. 400 and 700 nm). However, many of the UV polymerising products have a further, significantly lower sensitivity in the range between 400 and 460 nm. For this reason, yellow or orange filters must be used for such products, but this means that only yellow/orange colors are recognized in the room - the color spectrum can no longer be completely perceived - a complex topic on which we will be happy to advise you.

METOLIGHT UV filter films and UV filter tubes (yellow light films, yellow light tubes)

UV filter foils and UV filter sleeves for use with conventional fluorescent tubes.
METOLIGHT UV filter tubes (filter sleeves) filter out the UV components from the light of fluorescent tubes, so that UV-light-free illumination is guaranteed even without expensive special tubes.
The filter foils are suitable for windows and (artificial) glass panes to block off UV light. They are usually used in the technical industry in so-called yellow rooms. Such films are also known as yellow room film, yellow light film, UV-blocker, UV-protective film or UV-blocking filter.
METOLIGHT UV filters are particularly light-tight around a range below 400 nm.
Please note that depending on the application, the UV-blocking coatings may degrade over time. We recommend a semi-annual check of the UV density using a suitable UV measuring device e.g. a spectrometer.

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