ESD products


ESD products, antistatic products

In our times of increasingly sensitive electronics, static charging is a knockout criterion in electronics production, in the repair sector, in the processing of plastics and in almost all industrial production areas. Just by rubbing our clothes create tension fields on our skin up to a thousand volts. Electronic components can be irreparably damaged even at voltages below 100 volts. This is why materials, tools, aids, packaging materials and, of course, clothing that are antistatic and safely dissipate any static charge, are used at electronic workstations.
In our delivery program for ESD products you will find among other things
  • ESD clothing such as work coats, T-shirts, polo shirts, ESD jackets and trousers, ESD winter clothing, ESD warning vests and much more.
  • Floor and table mats with accessories
  • Personnel grounding and grounding terminals
  • Pliers, tweezers, brushes and accessories
  • Packaging materials, antistatic films and bags
  • ESD tools, ESD gloves
Especially in the area of ESD clothing we have a completely revised product range, some of which is not published in our shop. The new collection is characterised by attractive designs and ESD fabrics / workmanship of the highest quality. Depending on the fabric, we can guarantee up to 100 washes without affecting the ESD properties. Customized special designs and embroidered logos are also possible.