LED-Tube 24 Volt

Metolight LED-Tube 12-24 Volt
In many areas LED tubes are required which can be operated on 12 VDC or 24 VDC DC voltage. The 12-24 Volt LED tubes developed by Asmetec are specially designed for lighting in rescue vehicles, boats, caravans and others. They offer extra bright, economical, flicker-free light and, thanks to the specially developed low-EMC-AC-DC converter, interference-free radio operation.

LED tube 24 Volt DC for vehicles, buses, trucks, boats, caravans, camping, solar panels

METOLIGHT LED tubes for 12/24 Volt low voltage systems, especially suitable for use in cars, trucks, trains, trucks, buses, ships, boats, machines and systems or in combination with solar panels. At over 130 lm/W, these LED tubes offer the same brightness and durability as our 230-volt versions, but can be operated directly from 12 or 24-volt batteries, 12/24-volt AC/DC power supplies or solar panels. The input voltage can be between min. 10 VDC and max. 28 VDC.
Compared to fluorescent tubes, these tubes are almost twice as bright. The connection is made via the G13 socket on one side only, of course, like all our SCE (Safety-Connect-Electronics) LED tubes, so that a dangerous current entrainment is excluded. Since such tubes are often used in rescue vehicles, we have developed very special extra low EMC drivers, so that these LED tubes do not interfere with radio operation. Note: If conventional fluorescent tubes have been used in your vehicles, a ballast is installed in the luminaires. This must be removed by a qualified electrician.
The LED tubes of the 12/24 Volt series are only contacted on one side and must be connected directly to 12 VDC or 24 VDC.
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