Adhesive pads and rolls

Metoclean Adhesive Pads and Adhesive Rollers for Panel Cleaners

are a high-quality but inexpensive alternative to adhesive materials for contact surface cleaning of other, well-known major brands.
These consumables for our DCR hand rollers and panel cleaners are optimally adjusted to best cleaning results. The adhesive layer of the papers is firmly bonded to the carrier material and fits all METOCLEAN hand rollers and elastomer replacement rollers for panel cleaners, so that no adhesive is transferred to your product. 

  • METOCLEAN Adhesive pads (also called tacky pads or tacky papers) for DCR hand rollers for contact surface cleaning
  • METOCLEAN Adhesive Rollers for all common cleaning machines
  • METOCLEAN floor mats (dust binding mats)
  • METOCLEAN floor mats, antibacterial, for use in laboratories and in the medical sector

METOCLEAN is a registered trademark of ASMETEC GmbH and stands for professional cleanroom technology.

Metoclean Dust Transfer System
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