UV-Filter sleeve T8-ASR-UV400, clear, 400 nm, 120 cm for 36 W CFL tube

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UV filter sleeve METOLIGHT ASR-UV400-T8-120

Filter sleeve for CFL-Tubes, T8, 120 cm, 36 Watt, blocks light below 400 nm.

METOLIGHT ASR-UV400 filter sleeves are made of glass clear, breakage resistant polycarbonate tube with double-sided UV filter coating that blocks light below 400 nm. Thus, harmful UV light is absorbed.
Since only the light components below 400 nm are filtered out of daylight, the colors of 400 to 700 nm remain visible to the human eye. The filter sleeve is therefore ideal for use with T8 CFL-tubes in museums, galleries, exhibitions, libraries, as well as in shops, laboratories, workplaces and wherever UV-free room lighting is required.
In order to block the UV component in daylight in windows we offer UV filter foil SFC-10

The UV filter sleeve can be simply slided over T8 - 26 mm CFL tubes

Available sizes:
We offer all common standard lengths suitable for T8 CFL tubes 60 / 90 / 105 / 120 / 150 cm, other lengths upon request

Technical data:
Materoal: Polycarbonate
Length: 120 cm
Inner diameter: 27 mm
Outer diameter: 29 mm
UV-Blocking: light <400 nm

The UV coating is applied on both sides of the carrier sleeve. The filtering effect decreases with the passage of time, since the UV filter degrades slowly by the absorption of the UV light. How long the filter effect lasts is determined by the amount of UV light and the time of lit on luminaires. CFL-tubes can emit up to 10% of UV radiation, depending on brand and model. As of ourt experience the filter sleeves can work 3-5 years and longer. It is therefore necessary to check the effect at regular intervals (eg every 6 months) with a suitable UV meter. The UV filter effect is reduced at light wavelengths below approx. 350 nm.

Important to know:
While using the filter sleeves it is highly recommended to drive the CFL tubes only on elecgtronic ballast or at least using an electronic starter instead of old style glimmer starter, because CFL tubes then might get way too hot.

The filter sleeves must not be cleaned with acidic, alkaline or abrasive cleaners, as these can dissolve the emulsion. Use only lukewarm water and a lint-free cleaning cloth (no microfiber cloths!) and wipe the film with only slight pressure.

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