Yellow Room LED-Grid-Light RDL-UVL-520-6060-40, 40 Watt, UV-free below 520 nm

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    METOLIGHT LED-Grid-Light RDL-UVL-520-6060-40, 40 W, 230 VAC

    LED Grid Ceiling Light with UV-Filter 520 nm

    LED-Luminaire for so called yellow rooms - no light below 520 nm

    The LED grid ceiling light with integrated UV filter 520 nm is developed for lighting in so-called yellow rooms, e.g. in phototechnology, printing technology, chip manufacturing, printed circuit board printing, in laboratories and production areas where UV-free lighting is required to process UV-polymerizing products.
    Although such products are usually exposed in areas between 360 and 380 nm, the colors, lacquers, resins, etc. often have a further sensitivity level between 420 and 460 nm, which means that processing time is limited when exposed to "normal" LED lamps.
    With the METOLIGHT UVL lamps and UVL LED tubes, you get a UV-free illumination (optionally 470 nm or 520 nm) in which you can safely process such UV-sensitive products.

    The light is glare-free, uniform, shadow-free and is delivered at an angle of approx. 110°.
    The RDL-6060 UVL lamp is suitable for installation in 600 mm grid ceilings. It replaces conventional luminaires with 4 fluorescent tubes with largely equal brightness. LEDs with an efficiency of 130 lm/W are used; the luminaire is operated at 230 VAC with the included constant current power supply.
    For grid ceilings with 625 mm, we offer appropriate luminaires.

    Note: The integrated UV filters degenerate. We recommend a regular test at least every 6 months with a suitable UV meter. Depending on the daily operating time, the UV filters should be UV-resistant between 3 and 5 years. The filters can be exchanged cost-effectively by Asmetec.
    Brightness: Please note that due to the missing blue light section a light measure acc. to LM79 ist only approximately and data cannot truely be compared with with lighting. The same luminaire with full light spectrum is at 3800 lm.

    Optionally this luminaire can be supplied with dimmable driver (0-10V, DALI or PWM)

    For this luminaire we provide a 3 year warranty (see warranty terms in the shop download area)

    Asmetec Quality:
    Each luminaire is checked in Kirchheimbolanden for proper operation prior to shipment with us. You can request for free each batch a test report from our photometry. We create data for light calculation also in our own laboratory light - IES.

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