Fungicide LEDs

The fungicide impact of special blue light is prooven by science.
METOLIGHT BFC-LED-tubes are designed to protect fruits and vegetables in warehouses against accelarated aging and mould. Mykotoxines can cause severe health problems, even if not in a stage that the spores can be seen.

Watch this video from German TV 3Sat-Nano

METOLIGHT BFC-LED-tubes are manufactured in Germany by ASMETEC. They emitt the special blue light to stop the growth of toxines in mould spores. Installed in warehouses, trucks, fridges etc these special METOLIGHT LEDs keep foods longer fresh without any chemicals. The growth of toxines is heavily reduced since light receptor cells in funguses then genetically switch off the mykotoxingenes.

METOLOIGHT LED tube,BFC - fungicide
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