LED Trunking Light

LED trunking Light

METOLIGHT LED trunking lights for illuminating halls, supermarkets, sales rooms, etc.

Asmetec supplies various types of LED trunking lights of the brand METOLIGHT, which are primarily used for lighting in warehouses or workshops, in supermarkets, sales rooms, in laboratories or training rooms, etc.

The trunking lights consist of individual LED modules that are equipped with various attachment lenses in order to be optimally adapted to the required lighting situation. With efficiencies up to currently 180 lm / W with a color rendering of up to CRI Ra95 and a service life of the LEDs of up to 50,000 hours, the modern METOLIGHT LED light trunking lights exceed previous lighting with fluorescent tubes in terms of efficiency, color quality and burning time. Connection modules with L-, T- or X-connectors, as well as insert modules for LED spots, sensors (movement / daylight), emergency power supply, information and warning signs complete the program for setting up a modern lighting system.

Asmetec will be happy to help put the individual parts together for your needs so that you receive a complete system that is ready to assemble with all the parts you need.

The following components belong to the system of a trunking lights:
- Trunking rails with suspension devices
- LED trunking modules with attachment lenses
- Mechanical and electrical connector modules

If you have already installed trunking lights with fluorescent tubes, we offer suitable LED modules for almost all common brands. These LED modules are simply clamped into the existing trunking rails and are electrically connected via connectors (5/7/11 wire, depending on requirements). The conversion to modern LED lighting technology was done in a short time, because the complex installation of the trunking rails is not necessary in this case.

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