LED Strip COB - light without visible single light spots


METOLIGHT LED strip COB - consistently bright light without visible light points.

With the new LED strip series COB, equipped with state-of-the-art LED COBs, a light-dot-free light strip is shown. Unlike conventional LED strips, the COB strips do not show any single points of light, because each COB contains many individual, small LED chips that are no longer perceived by the human eye as individual light points. Thus, shadow-free, completely continuous light bands can be created.

Unlike standard LED strips, our COB LED strips have a very high light quality value of CRI Ra> 90. As a result, colors are reproduced almost faithfully - ideal for all lighting situations where high color quality is important.

The COB LED strips are available in 8 mm and 10 mm band widths,  in 12 VDC or 24 VDC, IP20 (for indoor use) and IP67 (for outdoor use) and in various colors also in RGB.

The new METOLIGHT COB LED strips are suitable in particular for architectural decorative lighting, for indirect, shadow-free lighting or also in the IP67 version for lighting illuminated signs in the outdoor area. Depending on the type, the 5 meter long rollers can be divided into segments between approx. 18 and 45 mm
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