METOLIGHT LED street lamps are energy saving with a high power efficiency and extended main tenance periods. With a directed light beam stray light amnd light pollution is reduced. The lighted area is homogene and without glare. Our LED-street lamps are available in 230 Volt AC (Standard) and 12 Volt or 24 Volt DC (perfect in combination with solar cells)

The average life time of up to 50.000 hours, the UV-free light (not attractive to insects) dramatically extend the maintenance periods. With 50% to 70% reduced powerr consumption and the almost zero maintenance cost these LED-street.-lamps give a payback within 15 - 20 months!

METOLIGHT LED street lamps offer instant start, no warm up needed.
Please visit our exhibition for LED-street lights, tunnel lights and other LED luminaires in Kirchheimbolanden!
The luminaires contain built in LED lamps. The lamps cannot be changed in the luminaire.

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