Tronex 7521 - Large Oval Relief Cutter, ergonomic - Semi-Flush

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Tronex 7521 - Large Oval Relief Cutter - Semi-Flush

ESD-safe large oval head cutters have more head material for greater cutting capacity.
Large, ergonomic handle
General purpose cutting. Often used for cutting cables and in wire harness work

Modell Tronex 7521 Model
  Groß-Ovalkopf Seitenschneider / Large Oval Cutter  
Kopfbreite 10,5 mm Head width
Backen 13,4 mm Jaw
Backenhöhe 3,4 mm Jaw height
Schneide 10,5 mm Edge
Winkel 16° Angle
Schnittart Wate / Semi Flush Cutting edge
für Cu-Draht 0,2 - 1,4 mm Ø for soft wire
Griff ergonomisch / ergonomic Handle
Griffkissen ESD, austauschbar / exchangeable Cushion Grips
Option Standard: Tronex 5521 Option

Industry Applications:
- Electronics
- Wire Harness
EAN 4251192801265