PEAK 1006-WZ3 linen tester, 6x, distortion free

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PEAK 2003-1006-WZ3 Linen tester, 6x

Robust metal body thread counter, aplanat, black

This PEAK 1006-WZ3 linen tester is equipped with an aplanat glass lens for 6x maginfication at brigth image, distortion free. The black body made of zinc alloy reduces unwated reflexions.
The field of view is about 25 mm, the robust aluminium frame has a solid colour treatment and bears 2 scales: 1 x 25 mm - 1 mm division and 1" - 1/" division.

Magnification: 6x
Field of view: 25 x 25 mm
Focus: non focussable
Scale: 25 mm / 1" - 1 mm / 1/8 division
Optic: aplanat, distortion free
Sizes: 48 x 40 x 52 mm (l x w x h)
Weight: 65 Gramm
Technical Data
Beschreibung Daten / Data Description
Markenname PEAK Brand name
Modell 2003-1006-WZ3 Model
Vergößerung 6x Magnification
Fokussierbar nein / no Focussable
Linsenart Glas Lens type
Linsendurchmesser 25 mm Lens diameter
Sichtfeld 25 mm Field of view
Optik aplanat Optic
  verzeichnungsfrei / distortion-free  
Skala ja / yes Scale
Messlänge 25 mm Scale Length
Skalenteilung 1 mm Scale division
Lupenkörper Zinklegierung - zinc alloy Lupe Body
Abmessung 48 x 40 x 52 mm Sizes
Gewicht 65 gr Weight
Toleranz techn. Daten +/- 10% Tolerance techn. Data
Hinweis Mit Lupen niemals in das Sonnenlicht blicken, Gefahr der Augenverletzung, Lupen nicht unbeaufsichtigt im Tageslicht liegen lassen, Brandgefahr - Do not look into sun with magnifier - eyes may be injured, don't leave magnifier unattended in daylight - risk of catching fire Notes