USB-Camera Touptek U3CMOS-03, 3.1 MPix, USB 3.0

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Touptek U3CMOS-03, USB 3.0 microscope camera 3.1 MPix

METOCHECK edition with tightest tolerances, each camera is tested inhouse at Asmetec

ME-Sensor-031 ME-Sensor-APT ME-Sensor-CMOS ME-Pixel-220 ME-Con-CM ME-USB-3

comes with C-mount, Aptina CMOS sensor, USB3.0 interface.

The Touptek USB camera with C-mount thread (ISO 10935: 1996) is a simple and high-quality method to upgrade microscopes and telescopes into digital systems. The USB camera replaces or supplements the standard eyepiece of a microscope. The software supplied with multi lingual user interface allows measurements (lengths, areas, angles, circles etc.) as well as image comments, frame and movie captures - ideal for quality control and assurance, use as a teaching tool for demonstration purposes and presentations, school, hobby and profession.

The integrated Aptina CMOS sensor 1 / 3 "(4,505x3,38 mm) with greatly improved picture geometry, contrast and sensitivity presents itself edge regions with absolute sharpness is in pixel size of 2.2 microns x 2.2 microns. Through USB 3.0 fast comes data transfer and power supply via a single cable. An integrated IR filter protects the sensor. The camera operates with no moving parts. It is embedded in a robust cast aluminum housing and is in precision and robustness many other industrial cameras clearly superior.

Optionally, a plurality of adapters for brands microscopes (for example, Nikon, Olympus, Leica, Huvitz etc.l) is available, including those for eyepiece 23.2 mm. Hereby, this camera can also be used instead of the eyepiece in small microscopes such as Peak can be used 2034/2054/2064 or METOCHECK YM7504 Series. Thanks to the fast USB 3.0 the camera has a high frame rate, the data transmission can be shifted from 8bit, to 12/14bit.

Camera adapters you can find here  We recommend 0,37x Adapter

U3CMOS cameras come with the integrated CNC aluminum alloy compact housing and come with advanced video & image processing application ToupView, Providing Windows/Linux/ OSX multiple platforms SDK; Native C/C++, C#, DirectShow, Twain Control API.

The complete carefree package - only available at Asmetec:
Each camera ist tested prior shipping inhouse at Asmetec.
Detailed installation guide
Detailed manual how to use the software
1 x METOCLEAN clean wipe
free after sale service

Main technical data:
Sensor: Aptina, CMOS, 3.1 MPix, 1/3"
USB-Port 3.0 (not suitable for 2.0)
G-Sensivity: 1,9 V/lux-sec
Dynamic range: 100 dB
SNR-max 39 dB
FPS/Resolution 27 fps - 2048x1534 px / 53 fps - 1024x770 px
Exposure: 0.1 ~ 2000 ms
Pixel size: 2.2 x 2.2 µm
Binning: 1x1, 2x2
Spectral range: 380 - 650 nm
Power supply: USB-Port 5VD
PC-System: Windows/Linux/Mac OS multiple platforms SDK
Native C/C++, C#/VB.Net, DirectShow, Twain, LabView

USB-camera with C-Mount
Technical Data
Beschreibung Daten / Data Description
Markenname Touptek Brand name
Modell U3CMOS - 03 Model
Gewinde C-Mount Thread
Pixel 3.1 MPix Pixel
Pixelgröße 2.2 x 2.2 µm Pixel size
Sensor Aptina CMOS Sensor
Sensor Größe 1/3" - 8,46 mm Sensor size
G-Empfindlichkeit 1,9 V/lux-sec G-Sensivity
Dynamikbereich 100 dB Dynamic range
FPS 27 - 2048x1534 / 53 - 1024x770 FPS
Binning 1x1 / 2x2 Binning
Belichtung 0.1 ms ~ 2000 ms Exposure
Spekralbereich 380 - 650 nm (mit IR-Filter) Spectral range
Weißabgleich ROI / Manuell / Temt-Tint Whie balance
Capture Native C/C++, C#, Directshow, Twain, Labview Capture
Aufnahme Einzelbild, Film - still picture, movie Recording
Kühlung Umgebungsluft Cooling
Betriebsbereich -10~+50°C, 30-80% rH Operating environment
Lagerbereich -20~+60°C, 10-60% rH Storage
Spannungsversorgung 5VDC via USB-Port Power supply
Abmessungen 68 x 68 x 46 mm Sizes
Betriebssystem Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 /8 (32 & 64 bit) OS X (Mac OS X), Linux Operating system
PC-Anforderungen CPU > 2.8 GHz, USB 3.0, Monitor > 17", CD-Rom PC-Requirement
Toleranz techn. Daten +/- 10% Tolerance techn. Data
Vergrößerung Elektronische Vergrößerung = Pixels des Monitors/ Pixel des Sensors, Optische Vergrößerung = Objektivvergrößerung x Reduktionslinse, Systemvergrößerung = elektronische x optische Vergrößerung  -   Electronic magnification= pixels of full screen monitor/ pixel of sensor, Optical magnification= objective magnification x reduction lens magnificaion, system magnification = elextronic x optical maginification Magnification
Hinweis Die tatsächliche Vergrößerung ist abhängig von vorhandenen Objektiven, Adaptern, Abständen und der Monitorgröße - The magnification is determined by used objectives, adapters, distances and monitor size. Notes
Technische Daten basieren auf Herstellerangaben, können ohne Voranzeige geändert werden, Irrtum vorbehalten - based on manufacturers data, may be changed without prior notice, Errors and omissions excepted Technical data