PEAK 2032, loupe 10x

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PEAK 2032 Stand Magnifier, 10x

Stand Magnifier with 360 crystal-clear acrylic body for all round light

This PEAK stand magnifier is equipped with 2 aplanatic, plastic lenses for largely distortion-free and fast aperture image of the surface to be examined.
At 10x magnification with fixed focus a field of view of 30 mm is achieved.
The crystal-clear acrylic body allows ambient light incident on all sides.

Magnification: 10x
Field of view: 30 mm
Focus: non focussable
Scale: no scale
Optic: aplanat, distortion free
Sizes: 45 x 40 mm (diameter x height)
Weight: 18 Gramm
Technical Data
Beschreibung Daten / Data Description
Markenname PEAK Brand name
Modell 1961 Model
Vergrößerung 10x Magnification
Fokussierbar nein / no Focussable
Linsenart Plastic Lens type
Linsensystem 2 x plankonvex Lens system
Linsendurchmesser 26 mm Lens diameter
Sichtfeld 30 mm Field of view
Optik aplanat Optic
  verzeichnungsfrei / distortion free  
Skala ohne / none Scale
Messlänge - Scale Length
Skalenteilung - Scale division
Lupenkörper Acryl Lupe Body
Abmessung 45 x 40 mm Sizes
Gewicht 18 gr Weight
Toleranz techn. Daten +/- 10% Tolerance techn. Data
Hinweis Mit Lupen niemals in das Sonnenlicht blicken, Gefahr der Augenverletzung, Lupen nicht unbeaufsichtigt im Tageslicht liegen lassen, Brandgefahr - Do not look into sun with magnifier - eyes may be injured, don't leave magnifier unattended in daylight - risk of catching fire Notes