UPRTek LED-Spectrometer CV600 - for photoghraphers

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UPRTek LED-Spectrometer CV600 esp. for photographers

METOLIGHT special edition of UPRTek CV600 - All purpose Professional Cinematic and Photographic Light meter / flicxker meter

It is not only a Light meter, but also a color meter, cine meter and exposure meter  - a quicker, more efficient measurements for cinematographer, videographer, video makers, and film producers to capture every life moment!

CV600 new design target the needs of professional photographers provide advanced features at work!
Filter library, flicker free setup and get a right exposure value
These nNew functions are helping you to face the challenges of setting up lights. The common used <White Balance Map> for cinematographer and videographer now combined with modern technology. Just target your Corrected Color Temperature (CCT), check your current lights and accurately pinpoint the right gel to use. CV600 helps you to control the light and increase the quality of work!

Filter Light Palette includes CC/LB Rosco, LEE Filter, Kodak, FUJIFILM 4 brands of filter library to find the suitable color. Knowing exactly what gel to use save times to guess, trial and error.
A cinematic light meter with an exposure meter save all of your camera settings along with light and color information for your personal library.

Exposure Value Compensating make sure every shoot are always correctly exposed.

CV600 built-in flicker free function enable the setting between camera frame rate and light source frequency to provide flicker-free shooting.

Asmetec supplies the METOCHECK Version of CV600 with helpful accessories such as clean room wipes and gloves. All spectrometers are tested inhouse and supplied with fully charged battery, so you can start direktly.

CV600 Main measuring capabilities:
Lux, Fc, CCT, CIE coordinates,
Delta UV: - to measure UV-% in light
Flicker: - to measure flicker%, flicker frequency, flicker index of light sources
TLCI: - Television Lighting Consistency Index
LB/CC filter (LBf, CCf, LBi, CCI)
Exposure (T-, F-, TF-, EV-Mode)
and more.

Easy to use, handheld LED spectrometer to measure all visual light from 380 nm to 780 mm at any time.
This ultra precise spectrometer comes with a CMOS Linear Image Sensor, 3,5" color touch screen, USB 2.0 port, SD-card slot.
It is supplied with pouch, comes with rechargeable battery, power driver - all in a robust aluminium case to carry with you when you're on the road.
Asmetec supplies the CV600 fully inspected and with charged battery - simply switch on and start your work.

Unlike any other spectrometer the CV600 offers you the complete range of MUST HAVE light data such as:
Illuminance in Lux, spectral irradance, CIE coordinates 1931 and 1976, peak wave length, correlated color temperature (CCT) in Kelvin, color rendering index Ra (rendering average, but also R1~R15), Flicker-Measure, Frequency mode and many more.

All data can be saved to SD-card (not included) or to your computer as MS-Excel compatible file or as BMP-file.
The fully charged battery operates the system for about 5 hours continiously measure (can be one time / continuos measure)
It includes an automatic dark calibration when switched on. Auto off function (time adjustable), menu language english, chinese, japanese. German and french language.
The CV600 comes in a robust case, including pouch, rechargeable battery, charger, manual, 4GB SD-Card,

Display languages are English, Trad. Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian.

It can work for up to 5 hours with fully charged battery (2500 mAh, 3.7 V Li-Ion-rechargeable battery is included).
Data output by SD-Card, SDHC up to 32 GB, Mini USB-Port, WiFi SD-Card compatible with IOS and Anroid

How to use? Easy as can be:
1. Make sure the sensor cap is on sensor
2. press power button and accept automatic dark calibration
3. take off sensor cap and hold the sensor to the light source in dedicated distance
4. press measure button until beep
5. read measure in different ways via difference screens
6. (if needed) save data to SD-card or to your computer

Technical data
Sensor CMOS, 6,6 mm diameter
Measurement range 5 - 70.000 lux
Wavelength range 380 - 780 nm
integration time 8 - 1000 ms
capture function one time / continuos
Measure modes Basic / Spectrum Graph / CIE 1931/1976
Measure capabilities Illuminance, spectral irradance,
CIE 1931, 1976, 1921 chromaticity coordinates, peak wave length, CCT, CRI Ra, R1~R15
foot candle, TLCI, Flicker%, Delta-UV, LB/CC, TM30-15, SPD and more.
Digital resolution 16 bits
Accuracy Illuminance, flicker +/- 5%,
CCT +/- 2%, CRI +/- 1,5%
size 147 x 78 x 24 mm, 250 gr


Technical Data
Beschreibung Daten / Data Description
Markenname UPRTek Brand name
Modell CV600 Model
Geräteart mobiles, handgehaltenes Spektrometer / mobile, handheld spectrometer Type of device
Sensor CMOS Linear Image Sensor Sensor
Bandbreite 380 ~ 780 nm Wavelength Range
Datenauflösung 1 nm Wavelength Increment
Wiederholgenauigkeit +/- 1 nm Wavelength Reproducibility
Spektrale Bandbreite ca. 12 nm (halbe Bandbreite) / half bandwidth) Spectral Bandwidth
Messbereich 5 ~ 70.000 lux Measurement Range
Illuminanz-Genauigkeit +/- 5% Illuminance Accuracy
Farb-Genauigkeit x y : +/- 0,0025 - 20.000 lx Color Accuracy
Farb-Wiederholgenauigkeit +/- 0,0005 CIE 1931 x,y Color Repeatability
CCT-Genauigkeit +/- 2% CCT Accuracy
CRI-Ra Genauigkeit +/- 1,5% CRI Ra Accuracy
Streulicht - 25 db max - 550 nm monochromatisch Stray light
Integrationszeit 6 ~ 20000 ms Integration Time Range
Digitale Auflösung 16 bit Digital Resolution
Flimmer-Messbereich 5 ~ 70.000 lx Flicker Measure Range
Flimmer Samplingrate 100k sample/s Flicker Sampling rate
Flimmer Frequenz 5 ~ 50 Hz Flicker Frequency
Flimmer Frq-Auflösung 2, 3 Hz Flicker Frq. Resolution
Flimmer Genauigkeit +/- 5% Flicker Accuracy
Capture Methode Einfach / Continuierlich - Singe shot / continuos Capture
Bedienmodus Stand Alone, WiFi, USB Operation Mode
Integration Modus Auto / Manual Integration Mode
Messmodi Basic, Spectrum, CRI, CIE, TM30-15, Flicker, Filter, Exposure, Browser, Compare, Option Measure Modes
Messfunktionen Lux, Fc, CCT, CIE, x,y,u,v, Duv, dominant, CRI Ra-1-15, TLCI, Flicker, LB/CC-Filter, Exposure,  SPD, Delta-P, I-Time, Delta-PV,  Measuring Capabilities
Anzeige 3,5" - 320 x 240 mm Touch LCD Display
Akku-Betriebszeit ca. 5 h Battery operation Time
Stromversorgung Ladeadapter, Li-Ion-Akku 2500 mAh, 3,7V Power Supply
Datenausgang SD-Karte, USB-Mini, WiFi-SD-Karte Data Output
Datenformat Excel-Kompatibel, JPG Data Format
Abmessungen 147,5 x 78 x 24 mm Sizes
Gewicht 225 +/- 10 g Weight
Betriebsbereich 0 ~ 35 °C / 0 ~ 70% rH Operating Environment
Menusprachen Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Spanisch, Russisch - German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian Display Languages
Hinweis Gerät nicht fallen lassen, die empfindliche Elektronik und das Display können dabei zerstört werden - Do not let drop the device, the sensitive electronics and the display may be damaged Notes
Data Sheets & Downloads