UPRtek Flicker-Spectrometer MF-250N

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Asmetec 100089
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UPRtek LED Flicker-Spectrometer MF-250N

Precise Light metrology in just 3 Seconds

The UPRtek MF-250N is a portable spectrometer for measurement of various optical values ​​of the visible light for human eyes, in particular matched to the light from LED / OLED light sources as well as conventional light sources, such as Fluorescent tubes, energy saving lamps, incandescent lamps, sodium-vapor lamps, high-pressure lamps.

This low-cost, yet high-quality spectrometer is characterized by ease of use, precision measurement, high repeatability as well as the increasingly important measurement of light flickering.

Flicker measurement:
Flicker or fibrillation is the permanent periodic variation of light brightness, mostly caused by AC-powered light sources or pulsed controlled (dimmed) LEDs. This fibrillation often causes headaches, premature fatigue, malaise and in the photographic and film technique substantial impairment of shots. As a lighting designer, lighting designer, set designer, photographer, cameraman, workplace representative and not least as a developer and manufacturer of lighting it is important to have particularly flicker-free light.The MF250N has been optimized for the measurement of light flickering, but provides additional lighting basic data like light spectrum, color temperature, color rendering index, brightness, and much more.The integrated light sensor detects the entire light spectrum from 360 nm to 780 nm. The UV and IR waveband is not recorded. The measured values ​​of color rendering and flicker measurement have an accuracy of +/- 5% - unprecedented for a portable instrument in this price range accuracies comparable to much more expensive laboratory instruments. The menu language on the LCD color display is English.

The measurement is performed with a single keystroke to the "Capture" button on the right side. The data is displayed in the 5 sub-menus for Basic, range, Flicker, FFT and Lightwave. However, storing the data as the larger devices MK350N, MK350N + and MK350S is not möglich. At sizes of 180 x 65 x 30 mm and weighing approximately 270 grams incl. batteries this precision spectrometer fits in any briefcase or laptop bag. The MF-250N is an indispensable instrument for those who need to make light measurements in the field, especially in advising on the changeover to the energy-saving LED lighting technology.

Product highlights:
Handy spectrometer, only 220 gr (270 gr incl. batteries)
Easy handling 3 Real Time modes
Removable sensor head with tripod connector
High mobility
2.8 "TFT color monitor
Meets IES, ASSIST, Energy Star, VESA, CE, RoHS - Specifications
Simple, fast and accurate measurement of:
CCT (Correlative Color Temperature) CRI (Color Rendering Index) Lux .lambda.p - dominant wavelength Flicker-Index, flicker%, VFMA, frequency, FMAG, FFT, light waves


Technical Data
Beschreibung Daten / Data Description
Markenname UPRtek Brand name
Modell MF-250N Model
Betriebsspannung 6 V DC Input Voltage
Stromversorgung 4 x AA Batterien - nicht enthalten - not included Power Supply
Bildschirm 2,8" TFT LCD Color Monitor, 240 x 320 px Display
Abmessungen 180 x 65 x 30 mm Sizes
Gewicht 270 gr inkl. Batterien Weight
Standards IES, ASSIST, ENERGY STAR, VESA, CE, RoHS Standards
Sensor CMOS Image Sensor, 6,6 mm Sensor
Messbereich 70 - 70.000 Lux Range
Wellenbereich 380 - 780 nm Wavelength
Integrationszeit 6 - 1200 ms - automatisch Integration time
Flicker Sample Rate 5K /Sec Flicker Sample Rate
Flicker-Frequenz 5 - 2000 Hz Flicker Frequency
Flicker Auflösung 5 Hz Flicker resolution
Messbereich Flicker 30 - 60.000 Lux Range Flicker
Flicker Standards IES, ASSIST, ENERGY STAR, VESA, CE, RoHS Flicker Standards
Mess-Modi Basic, Spectrum, Flicker, FFT, Lightwave Measuring Modes
Messmöglichkeiten Flimmer-Index, Flimmer-%, VESA FMA, FFT-Frequenz, Lux, Flimmer Frequenz + Zeit, Spektrale Wellenlängen, CRI Ra, Lux, Λp dominante Wellenlänge, Integrationszeit Measuring Capabilities
Genauigkeit Illuminanz +/- 5% Illuminance Accuracy
Genauigkeit Farbtemperatur +/- 3,5% CCT Accuracy
Genauigkeit CRI +/- 2,5% CRI Accuracy
Genauigkeit Flicker +/- 5% Flicker Accuracy
Arbeitstemperatur 0 – 35°C Operating Temp Range
Lagertemperatur -10 – 40°C Storage Temp
Menusprache Englisch Menu Language
Garantie 2 Jahre limitierte Garantie durch UPRtek - 2 years limited warranty by UPRtek Warranty
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Hinweise technische Daten können ohne Vorankündigung durch UPRtek geändert werden - technical data may be changed without pruior notice by UPRtek Notes