LED Tubes

Just a few years ago, LED tubes were very expensive and, at approx. 100 lm/W, they were not yet really energy-saving. Today there are LED tubes (often also called LED fluorescent tubes or fluorescent lamps) and an unmanageable variety and effiancy up to 190 lm/W. However, with such high efficiencies, one really has to ask how these were determined. Technically this is already possible today, but commercially such special LEDs are very expensive and often still associated with low light quality. That is why Asmetec tests all light sources in its own lighting laboratory - you can rely on our technical data.

METOLIGHT LED Tubes - inexpensive, flicker-free, professional - the replacement for conventional fluorescent tubes (CFL)

METOLIGHT LED tubes are professional, highly efficient LED alternatives to industrial use as a replacement for conventional fluorescent tubes. All LED tubes comply with the latest CE standards. Asmetec was one of the first manufacturers in Germany to offer such LED tubes with VDE certificate and TÜV certificate. In 2011 Asmetec also developed the first LED tube that could also be operated on ECGs - this invention was awarded first prize for innovation by the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2012. Asmetec developed LED tubes with single-sided safety contact (SCE - Safety Connect Electronics) and with fused starter (Asmetec Patent 20 2010 010 536.6) in 2010. In its in-house lighting technology Asmetec in Kirchheimbolanden tests every single LED light source - not only for function, but also for electrical safety. When an LED product leaves our company, we know that it works.

METOLIGHT LED Tubes - here you will find a huge selection of specialized LED tubes starting from approx. 5 Euro.

We have over 500 different LED tubes for CCG, ballast, ECG, 230 Volt, 12/24 Volt, suitable for sockets G5 and G13, for general lighting tasks, for professional use in 24/7 operation, for special lighting tasks such as horticulture, food lighting, car parks and many more. End users can only collect LED lamps from our factory outlet and pay in cash.

Metalc Clip T5

Metal Clip T5 for additional fixing of T5 tubes.

0,25 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
METOLIGHT LED-Tube T5, 1149 mm 18 Watt, frosted, warm white - for e-ballast 28 Watt

METOLIGHT LED Tube T5 - 18 Watt - 1149 mm, warm white, high efficiency SMD-Led replaces 28-Watt - 1149 mm fluorescent tube

LED-U-CC LED-P-018 LED-conform-evg LE-dimm-n-5 LED-CCT-3000 LED-lm1500 LE-Klasse-Ap-5
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METOLIGHT LED-Tube T5, 212 mm,  4 Watt, frosted, nature white

METOLIGHT LED Tube T5 - 4 Watt - 212 mm, nature white

LED-U-CC LED-P-004 LED-conform-evg LE-dimm-n-5 LED-CCT-4000 LED-lm0300 LE-Klasse-Ap-5
17,00 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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