LED-Filament, E27-A60-2M, 2 Watt, dimmable, milky

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    METOLIGHT LED-Filament-Bulb E27-A60-2M,  2 Watt, dimmable, milky

    LED-Filament bulb with milky glass, the great-grandson of the bulb - 10 times as efficient

    This newly developed LED Filamentlampen correspond in appearance to traditional incandescent bulbs , but have 120 lm/W efficiency 10 times and an average of 20,000 hours, 20 times the durability. They correspond to the new energy class A++. They radiate the light just as both good old light bulb around 360 ° from and are therefore ideal for use in shaded lamps , polders lamps, floor lamps , etc.

    With the glass bulb and the heatsink is not longer needed these LED lamps are extra light weighted - only 30 grams! The 2 LED filaments with brand chips EPISTAR based on sapphire (no cheap glass or other substrate ) and radiate the light from all around, just as one would expect from the bulb ago. The LED light is dimmable and not suitable due to the all-round light beam for accent lighting. The LED filaments radiate (unlike cheap products) the light from both sides , since they are based on transparent sapphire glass and coated on both sides.
    An integrated dimmable power supply on IC base ( not a simple RC circuit ) powers the LED filaments with constant current and ensures a long service life - even during power fluctuations. The lamp base is welded to the flask and has soldered connections , as is known from the bulb ago Cheap filament bulobs have only plug contacts that provide no more secure electrical contact The glass body containing a noble gas mixture for quick and easy heat transfer from the filaments to the vitreous (cheap lamps contain ordinary air with high heat resistance)

    The 2 Watt lamp comes with 200 lm same brightness of a 25 watt bulb - save 90 % in energy costs
    It is dimmable with brand dimmers like Jung, Busch-Jäger, Berker, Peha, Gira, EPV, Nico, Panasonic, Lutron, Nordesign and others.

    Light color warm white 2700K +/- 200K
    Also available in extra warm 2200K and cold white 6000K

    Please note:
    This bulb is only sold in dealer packages of 100 pcs
    Lead time about 2 weeks

    Bulbs also available with your Logo at MOQ 500 pcs, one time setup cost of 80 Euro

    LE-U-220-240-5 LE-P-002-5 LE-dimm-triac-5 LE-Ra85-5 LE-Sockel-E27-5 LE-Winkel-360-5 LE-Stunden-20-5
    LE-conform-ce-5 LE-conform-rohs-5 LE-conform-tonne-5 LE-conform-weee-5 LE-warm-5 LE-lm0200-5 LE-Klasse-App-5
    Technical Data
    Beschreibung Daten / Data Description
    Markenname METOLIGHT Brand name
    Modell LED-E27-A60-2M Model
    Betriebsspannung 200 - 240 V AC / 50/60 Hz Input Voltage
    Gesamtleistung ~ 2,1 Watt Input Power
    Leistungsfaktor Pf > 0,85 Power factor
    Dimmbar? ja / yes Dimmable?
    Lichtquelle EPISTAR LED-Filament - Saphir Light Source
    Energieklasse A++ Energy Class
      auf einer Skala von A++ bis E (wenig effizient) / on scale of A++ to E (less efficient)  
    Photobiolog. Klasse 1 Photobiolog. Class
    Lichtwinkel 360° Beam Angle
    Lichteffizienz 120 lm/W Light Efficacy
    Warmweiss 2700 - 3000K - 200 lm - Ra > 85 Warm White
    Naturweiß 5800 - 6500K - 220 lm - Ra > 85 Nature White
    LED-Lebensdauer < 20.000 h LED-Life
    Schaltzyklen (ein/aus) > 100.000 Switch Cycles (on/off)
    Sockel E27 Base
    Lampenkörper Glas, Milchglas, milky Bulb Body
    Abmessung 60 mm Durchmesser x 108 mm hoch (diameter x height) Sizes
    Gewicht ~ 35 g Weight
    Normen CE, RoHS, EN55015:2006+A1+A2; EN61000-3-2+A1+A2; EN 61547:2009; EN62471:2008 Standards
    Toleranz techn. Daten +/- 10% Tolerance techn. Data
    Hinweise Bitte beachten Sie unser technisches Datenblatt / please note our technical data sheet Notes
    Hinweise Notes
    Verwendungszweck Application
    LED-Lampe als Retrofit für allg. Beleuchtungsanwendung im Innenbereich LED-bulb Retrofit for common lighting application indoor
    Besonderheiten Specials
    LED-Filamentlampen im Glaskörper, Filamente aus Saphitrträger - besonders hell und langlebig LED-Filament bulbs in glass globe, filaments based on Saphire, extra bright and long life time
    Installation Installation
    In Leuchten mit entsprechender Fassung (E27 / E14) anstelle bisheriger Glühlampen, Lampenwechsel nur bei stromfrei geschalteten Leuchten vornehmen! In luminaires with suitable socket (E27 / E14) to replace common incandescent bulbs. Change bulbs only when power is off
    Hinweise Notes
    Wie bei allen LED-Leuchtmitteln ist auf ausreichende Luftzirkulation zu achten, damit die LED-Lampe nicht überhitzt. Die Gesamtenergieeffizienz und Lichtverteilung dieses LED-Leuchtmittels wird von der Bauart der Lichtanlage bestimmt, in der es verwendet wird. Messdaten unterliegen üblichen Toleranzen. Daten gem. Asmetec-Labor bzw. nach Werksangaben sowie. EU 874/2012, 2010//30/EU, 2011/65/EU As with all LED-Lights take care for sufficient air ventilation to prevent LED overheating. The total efficiency and light distribution of this LED depends on the structure of the luminaire where it is used in. Technical data subject common tolerances. Measure data acc. Asmetec Test lab or original manufacturer data and acc. EU 874/2012, 2010//30/EU, 2011/65/EU
    Entsorgung Waste Treatment
    LED-Leuchtmittel enthalten Wertstoffe. Bitte geben Sie die Lampen nach Gebrauch beim Wertstoffhof ab oder senden Sie sie an Asmetec zum Recycling zurück. LED-lamps contain valuable raw materials. Please dispose them after use at the Local Court of Value Materials or return them for free disposal to Asmetec.
    Prüfberichte Test Reports
    Individuelle Prüfberichte zu colorimetrischen, photometrischen und elektrischen, elektromagnetischen Daten erstellen wir auf Wunsch im eigenen Labor. Individual test reports for colorimetric, photometric, electrical and electromagnetical data upon request made in own lab.
    Technische Daten Technical Data
    Technische Daten können ohne Vorankündigung geändert werden, wenn sie zur Produktverbesserung dienen. Bitte beachten Sie unsere technischen Datenblätter zu den einzelnen Produkten. Technical data are subject to change without prior notice to improve the product. Please note our technical data sheets provided for each product.