LED-Highbay-Light HBL-4Way-100-PW-60, 100 Watt, 14000 lm

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    METOLIGHT HBL-4Way-100-PW-60, 100 Watt, pure white

    Adjustable Hibay-Light, IP65, Beam Angle 60°, 14000 lm

    The new design of our high bay light series HBL-4Way combines 4 adjustable LED-Modules with highly efficient Philips Lumileds LEDs, Meanwell LED driver, IP protection class IP65 (dust-proof, hose-proof) in a very compact cast aluminum housing, white, RAL 9010 powder coated.

    The 4 LED modules can be tilted 200° without tools in 16 steps (12.5° per grid) in order to achieve optimum illumination at different mounting heights. The highly efficient LEDs (grouped into 24 clusters per LED module) are protected against dust and splash water by a plastic lens (standard light angle 60°). Depending on the performance, the modules have aluminum peaks or cooling fins for heat dissipation.

    The LEDs have an efficiency of 140 lm/W with CRI Ra> 80 and thus correspond to the energy class A++.
    The average life time is over 40,000 hours. Compared to conventional highbay luminaires with metal high-pressure lamps, energy savings of up to 80% are achieved.

    The highbay light has an integrated surge protection 4kV.
    A HBL-4Way-150 Watt replaces a 400 Watt HQI luminaire, whose gross power consumption including ballast is usually well above 500 watts.

    Optionally, the highbay luminaires can be equipped with adjustable sensors (motion detector, daylight sensor), thus enabling automatic switching on or dimming.

    We supply the new HBL-4Way series in wattages of 100 / 150 / 200 / 240 Watt in light color 5000K pure white.
    The light colors 3000K, 4000K and 6000K are also available as an option.
    The individual LED modules as well as the power supply can be exchanged quickly and easily in case of repair.
    The assembly is easy via steel cable or chain with carabiner (not included in the scope of delivery) for mounting in the included eye bolt.

    Installation is simple with steel rope or chain with carabiner for hooking into the supplied eyebolt.

    Lighting in warehouses, assembly halls, work areas, covered loading ramps
    Sales halls, supermarkets, shopping malls, sports halls

    Diameter: 469 mm, height 98 mm (without hook)
    Weight approx 4,3 kg

    Main Technical Data:
    Voltage range: 90-277 VAC
    Power consumption: 105 W
    Surge protection 4kV
    Energy Class A++
    Light color: 4800-5300K (optional 3800-4300K or 2700-3500K)
    CRI Ra> 80
    Luminous flux> 14000lm (cool white)
    Nominal service life: 40,000 hours

    We grant a limited warranty of 3 years on this luminaire (see warranty conditions).
    Delivery times:
    We stocked some patterns. For quantities orders please expect a delivery time of approx. 4 weeks. Special versions (other light colors, other light angles, wall brackets, sensors) are available at an extra charge. Please contact us if necessary.
    Light calculation:
    IES data for the light calculation in Dialux or Relux we send you free of charge. We perform light calculations as service on charge which is refunded when ordering such lights
    LED-U-090-277 LED-P-100 LED-PF95 LED-IP65 LED-Ra80 LED-Winkel-060 LED-conform-SK1
    LED-conform-ce LED-conform-weee LED-conform-rohs LED-conform-tonne LED-CCT-5000 LED-lm14000 LED-Klasse-App
    Technical Data
    Beschreibung Daten / Data Description
    Markenname METOLIGHT Brand name
    Modell LED-HBL-4Way-100-PW-60 Model
    EAN-Nummer EAN 4251192846082 EAN-code
    Betriebsspannung 90 - 277 V AC / 50/60 Hz Input Voltage
    Gesamtleistung 105 Watt Input Power
    Leistungsfaktor Pf > 0,95 Power factor
    El. Schutzklasse I El. Protection Class
    IP Schutzart IP65 IP Class
    Dimmbar? nein / no Dimmable?
    Lichtquelle 192 x Philips Lumileds Light Source
    Energieklasse A++ Energy Class
      auf einer Skala von A++ (sehr effizient) bis E (wenig effizient) / on scale of A++ (high efficient) to E (less efficient)  
    EEI-Faktor 0,12 EEI-Factor
    Photobiolog. Klasse 1 Photobiolog. Class
    Lichtwinkel 60° - Module horizontal neigbar / modules can be adjusted horizontally Beam Angle
    Lichteffizienz 140 lm/W Light Efficacy
    Warmweiss 2800 - 3500K - 12500 lm Warm White
    Neutralweiss 3800 - 4500K - 13000 lm Nature White
    Tagweiß 4800 - 5300K - 14000 lm Pure White
    Kaltweiß 5800 - 6500K - 14000 lm Cold White
    CRI Ra > 80 CRI
    LED-Lebensdauer 40.000 h LED-Life
    Schaltzyklen (ein/aus) > 120.000 Switch Cycles (on/off)
    Betriebsbereich -10 ~ + 50°C - 10-90%rH Environment
    Abmessungen 469 mm Durchmesser /Diameter x 98 mm Höhe / Height Sizes
    Gehäuse Alu-Guss / cast aluminium Housing
    Gewicht 4,3 kg Weight
    Weitere Infos Bitte lesen Sie das technische Datenblatt - Please read the technical data sheet More information
    Entspricht CE, RoHS, 98/11/EC Complies
    Normen EN 50581:2012, EN55015:2013, EN60598-1:2009, EN60598-2-2:2012, EN60968:1990, EN60969, EN61000-3-2/2006, EN61000-3-3:2013, EN 61547:2013, EN62031:2008, EN62321:2013, EN62471:2008, EN62493:2010, EN62560:2012 Standards
    Hinweise Notes
    Verwendungszweck Application
    LED-Leuchte für allg. Beleuchtungsaufgaben im industriellen oder gewerblichen Bereich mit fester Installation. LED-luminaire for common lighting applicaions in industrial and commercial areas with fixed installation.
    Besonderheiten Specials
    Kompaktes Alu-Gußgehäuse mit LED-SMD mit hoher Effizienz und Farbwiedergabetreue, IP65, gekapseltes Netzteil, kurzschlußfest mit Übertemperatursicherung, einstellbare LED-Module, auswechselbare LED-Linsen Compact cast aluminium housing with LED-SMD, high effficacy and CCT, IP65, encapsuled driver, short break protected and over temperature protected, adjustable LED modules, exchangeable LED lenses
    Installation Installation
    Montage über Stahlseil oder Kette mit Karabiner, elektrischer Anschluß über 3 x 1,5 mm², Schutzerdung. Betrieb an Sensoren möglich, nicht jedoch an Dimmern. Elektroinstallation nur durch Elektrofachkraft. Allg. Sicherheitsvorschriften beim Umgang mit Elektrizität beachten. Anschluß nur an spannungsfrei geschalteter Zuleitung vornehmen. Mounting via steel rope or chain and carabiner hook, electrical connnection by 3 x 1,5 sqmm cable, earthed. Can be connected to sensor switches but to to dimmers. Electrical installation only by electrician, watching common rules when handling with electricity. Connection only while line is powered off
    Hinweise Notes
    Wie bei allen LED-Leuchtmitteln ist auf ausreichende Luftzirkulation zu achten, damit die LED-Lampe nicht überhitzt. Die Gesamtenergieeffizienz und Lichtverteilung dieses LED-Leuchtmittels wird von der Bauart der Lichtanlage bestimmt, in der es verwendet wird. Messdaten unterliegen üblichen Toleranzen. Daten gem. Asmetec-Labor bzw. nach Werksangaben sowie. EU 874/2012, 2010//30/EU, 2011/65/EU As with all LED-Lights take care for sufficient air ventilation to prevent LED overheating. The total efficiency and light distribution of this LED depends on the structure of the luminaire where it is used in. Technical data subject common tolerances. Measure data acc. Asmetec Test lab or original manufacturer data and acc. EU 874/2012, 2010//30/EU, 2011/65/EU
    Entsorgung Waste Treatment
    LED-Leuchten enthalten Wertstoffe. Bitte geben Sie die Lampen nach Gebrauch beim Wertstoffhof ab oder senden Sie sie an Asmetec zum Recycling zurück. LED-luminaires contain valuable raw materials. Please dispose them after use at the Local Court of Value Materials or return them for free disposal to Asmetec.
    Prüfberichte Test Reports
    Individuelle Prüfberichte zu colorimetrischen, photometrischen und elektrischen, elektromagnetischen Daten erstellen wir auf Wunsch im eigenen Labor. Individual test reports for colorimetric, photometric, electrical and electromagnetical data upon request made in own lab.
    Technische Daten Technical Data
    Technische Daten können ohne Vorankündigung geändert werden, wenn sie zur Produktverbesserung dienen. Bitte beachten Sie unsere technischen Datenblätter zu den einzelnen Produkten. Technical data are subject to change without prior notice to improve the product. Please note our technical data sheets provided for each product.
    Lichttechnische Daten Light technical Data
    Aktuelle lichttechnische Daten aus der Messung im Spektrometer sowie Lichtverteilungskurven aus der Messung im Goniophotometer zur Verwendung in Lichtberechnungsprogrammen wie Dialux, Relux oder anderen senden wir Ihnen auf Anfrage gerne zu latest light test reports measured in our spectrometer and light distribution curves measured in our goniophotometer to be used in light calculation programs such as Dialux, Relux and others are available upon request