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Asmetec 100209
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METOCLEAN DCR-hand roller HDHR-150-25

Dust Contamination Removal (DCR) hand roller for contact surface cleaning.

Roll width 150 mm, diameter 30 mm, 25 Shore

Serie HDHR - very robust, heavy duty, balanced DCR Roller, for professional use in printed circuit industry, glass industry, printing industry etc.

Special elastomer hand roller, free of unbound silicon, for easy removal of loose debris and particles from flat surfaces such as glass plates, printed circuit boards, printing plates, etc.
The HDHR series is characterised by both sides with ball bearings elastomer rollers on a stable aluminium holder with plastic handle. Due to the both ends ball bearing the rollers run very quiet and generate no dust particles in particular from material abrasion.

The hand roller METOCLEAN DTS HDHR series are available in widths of 150, 205, 240, 305, 400 and 450 mm. For hard surfaces such as glass, laminates, printed circuit boards, etc., we recommend rolls with hardness 25 Shore. For very thin materials such as tthin laminates, films, foils etc we recomment medium or even low tackyness, or even the very special ESD-versions of our hand rollers.
We will advise you upon request. Special customised versions are abailable upon request.

The METOCLEAN DTS Sytsen (Dust Transfer System)
Working principle:

The special elastomer compound with durable self adhesion traps loose dust particles, crumbs, hair, dandruff, etc. up to a size of 0.5 microns while rolling over the surface and holds it to the elastomer surface. Then the hand roller is rolled over our specially designed DTS Adhesive Pads. The bond strength of the DTS-Üads is aligned with our hand rollers, so that the particles are transferred from the hand roller to the adhesive pads and the surface of the hand roller is particle-free again.

Roller cleaning with DTS pads:
We recommend to only use our specially designed METOCLEAN DTS Adhesive Pads along with METOCLEAN DCR-Rollers, in no way use any self-adhesive film residues. The adhesives of such films can damage the surface of the DCR-hand roller irreparably by chemical reaction. It is particularly important that when working with the DTS Systems no adhesive residue is transferred from pads vio the hand rollers onto the product. In an integrated sytsem as METOCLEAN DTS all parts are matched to each other so that a glue transfer is virtually impossible.
In addition, the elastomer rollers should be cleaned regularly with METOCLEAN DTS IPAW moist wipes to get the maximum cleaning power of the hand rollers for a long time.

Replacement rollers:
We offer replacement rollers for most of our hand rollers.


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