METOCLEAN SCM-1700-C Shoe-Cover Machine

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METOCLEAN SCM-1700-C Shoe Cover Machine

Cheap shoe covers within 4 seconds

The METOCLEAN SCM-1700-C is ideal for use in cleanroom areas, especially when there is a number of visitors or frequent need to change show covers. The SCM-1700-C operates with a special shrink film. All common street shoes are wrapped with the low-temperature shrink film within about 4 seconds. Simply step the shoe into the holder of the device, the foil is automatically shrunk around the shoe - of course without unpleasant heat.
The SCM-1700 requires a 230 VAC power supply. An automatic switch-off reduces the power consumption in the idle state to only 0.3 Watt. A retaining clip increases comfort during the welding process.
The device can work with extra long foil rolls for 1700 show covers. The film change is very simple and is limited essentially only to the insertion of the film roll and the advance of the film into the film holder. The rest is done automatically.
The film of modified PVC is particularly tear resistant, 28 μm thick and suitable for dry, not too smooth floors. It is delivered in a packaging unit to 2 rolls, which means you store nearly 3,400 over shoes on the surface of an A4 sheet.