METOCLEAN DTS-AR-250, Adhesive rolls, 250 mm, box of 8 rolls

Product No.:
Asmetec 100757_1
EAN Nummer:
380,00 EUR
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adhesive rolls suitable for all common cleaning machines, panel- cleaners, web-cleaners

Roll width 250 mm
Professional quality with long lastic adhesive properties. Perfect cleaning, also suitable for step process cleaning, no generation of static electricity.
The DTS-AR-Rolls come with a smooth PP-Core carrier roll, so the adhesive paper can be used down to the final layer.
Adhesive rolls, paperbased, carrier on plastic core long duration, highest tackyness lowest electrostatic charge for continiuos and step operation. Each roll is sealed in plastic bac to protect against humidity.

Technical Data:
Glue: acrylic based glue, about 800 N/sqft
Carrier Paper: clean room paper (antistatic)
Core: ground PP-core 76 mm diameter
Width: 250 mm
Length 20 m each roll
8 rolls per box
Available roll widths from stock:
250, 300, 400, 550, 622, 650, 700, 762, 910, 950, 1000, 1300, 1500 mm, customised widths upon request

METOCLEAN is a registered trademark of ASMETEC and stands for professional clean room items