METOCLEAN DCR-Pad-A4-1100, 240 x 330 mm

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110,00 EUR
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to be used with all common DTS-Rollers - Dust-Transfer-System

Books of 50 sheets size 240 x 330 mm, 5 books per box.

Extra stron glue 1100 N/sqft

Lint free, paperpased adhesive pads with excellent tackyness and durability for common use.
Each book has 50 sheets, glued at long edges and 2 x 10 mm holes at top edge suitable for common pad holders.
How to use:
Remove the protection sheet to have a clean tacky surface. Then roll your DCR-roller without pressure over the tacky surface of the adhesive DCR-pad. All contaminations of the DCR-roller will be transferred to the tacky pad.Then clean the surface of your film, printed circuit board, or any other flat surface by rolling the DCR-roller without pressure over the surface of your product.
Loose chippings, particles, dust, hair etc. will be transferred from the product surface to the elastomer rubber roll of der METOCLEAN DCR-Roller.
Then again clean your DCR-Roller by simply rolling over the clean adhesive pad.In combination wiht METOCLEAN DCR rollers you can remove dust particles down to a size of 0,5 µm

Technical Data:
Carrier material: lint free paper
Adhesive: acrylic polymer
Glue Strength ab. 1100 N/sqft
Size 240 x 330 mm
qty: 50 sheets per book, 5 books per box = 250 sheets per box
Holes for pad-holder: 2 x 10 mm, hole-hole distance 15,5 cm, centered at top edge
weight: 4 kg / box of 250 sheets

METOCLEAN is a registered trademark of ASMETEC and stands for professional clean room items